GivePenny is the fun new way to raise money for causes close to your heart. Get sponsored small amounts for reaching little goals, not lump sums for large achievements. You can even use your lifestyle apps to share your progress right here online.

Make it unique

Do something different

Raise money doing things you love or activities you've never even thought of. If you can count it, you can be sponsored for it.

Take people with you

Track your progress

GivePenny connects with all kinds of progress-tracking apps and websites. Your activity doesn't need to be sporty, some of the best ideas aren't.

Keep it Simple

All the motivation you need

The more you do, the more money you raise. And if that's not enough to keep you going, don’t forget that everyone's watching!

Keep it Simple

Set your own targets

They don’t need to be conventional. If you want to get sponsored for every time you give someone a hug, do it.

Keep it to Yourself

Break it down

Like your 10p-a-length school sponsored swim, GivePenny lets you break your fundraising activity into simple stages - and collect for those you achieve.

Keep it Simple

We do good for great causes

We’re already working with some very good causes. If your chosen charity isn't here, introduce us.