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Thanks to the magnificent support which I received for my Nicest Job application, I have made it to the shortlist!
For the next step of the application process, I have been challenged to raise as much money and awareness as possible for Winston's Wish, the UK's leading bereavement charity.
I have created #aPenny4yourMemory with the aim of putting some fun into fundraising. The idea is that you donate a few pennies to write a memory on the wall. Something to make others chuckle. This page will be a place where people can come to, when they need cheering up.
How does it work? Well simply make a donation (large or small) and post a memory on the wall! If you don't have a memory to share, you could simply make a donation which will not only help Winston's Wish to support bereaved children, but it will also help me on my journey to secure the Nicest Job! Thank you!!
On a serious note... Winston's Wish website states that every day, more than 100 children are bereaved of a parent in the UK. Whilst the #aPenny4yourMemory campaign was created to be a fun fundraiser, I truly believe that happy memories are gifts, which should be treasured and revisited regularly, to ensure they are remembered. Please share your happiest/funniest memory... NB the memories do NOT have to include me, or any of my 'Sali Moments' ♥ xxx

Your details are safe with GivePenny – they’ll never sell them or bother you with unwanted emails.

Once you make a donation, GivePenny will send it to the charity in a safe and secure manner. GivePenny also help charities to claim as much Gift Aid as possible, helping to contribute even more much needed funds to causes that really need them.


Please use the 'DONATE' icon, rather than the 'PLEDGE' icon

I have decided not to set any milestones for this fundraising initiative. Please use the 'DONATE' icon - which can be found on the banner at the top of this page - rather than the 'pledge' icon, to donate.  This will ensure that your donation will show in the 'Total Raised' figure. Thank you.



Please use the 'DONATE' icon, rather than the 'PLEDGE' icon.

I have decided not to set any milestones for this fundraising initiative. Please use the 'DONATE' icon - which can be found on the banner at the top of this page - rather than the 'pledge' icon, to donate.  This will ensure that your donation will show in the 'Total Raised' figure. Thank you.




100.0% of target raised so far.
5.0% of target pledged so far.

Total Raised: £1,143.99

Total Pledged: £50.00 (Currently: £50.00)

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02/10/2016 23:54:40

NEWS!!! I have been told that Ecclesiastical Insurance will be sending a cheque directly to Winston's Wish, for £125, in support of this campaign, so I am adding it as an offline donation. Big thanks to Ecclesiastical Insurance.

02/10/2016 21:28:21

Thank you all so very, very much!!! We have SMASHED the £1000 target! Everyone who has donated - whether pennies or pounds, whether I can see your names, or whether you preferred to donate anonymously - has done an amazing thing for Winston's Wish - the charity for bereaved children, which is the most important thing in all of this!!! Yes, this has been a big part of my application for The Nicest Job in Britain, but at the end of the day, whether I get the job, or whether I don't, Winston's Wish has over £1000 more in the kitty than it had 10 days ago, before I created A Penny 4 your Memory. Thank you for that, from the bottom of my heart <3
PS Any further donations made will still count as part of my challenge, as long as they are made before midnight tonight ;-) just in case anyone is wondering <3 xxx

02/10/2016 19:30:34

I have received another #FirstFiver from my friend Michelle - thank you Michelle!! <3 That brings the offline total to £182.24, so far! Thank you everyone <3 xx


01/10/2016 20:14:27

 I had a fabulous day today, at Dobbies Cirencester. I spoke to lots of people; some had used the services of Winston's Wish, some had never heard of the charity but had a need for it (details passed on) and one very special conversation has led to the Swindon branch of a national company wanting to hold a fundraising event for the charity :-) The icing on the cake? The generous staff and customers of Dobbies donated £147.24 

I would like to say a big THANK YOU to everyone who donated.

In addition, before going to Dobbies, friends had become #FiverGivers and I donated my #FirstFiver, so I have another £30 to add to the £147.24, which gives a grand offline total of £177.24 - if I add that to the Total Raised and the Total Pledged we have so far raised £953.99 <3

Which means we just need £46.01 to reach the £1000 target :-)

30/09/2016 23:10:27

I would like to say a MASSIVE thank you to everyone who has supported the #aPenny4yourMemory initiative.  Having achieved both the first target and the second target, I have now set a third target of £1000, which is DOUBLE the original one that I set.  £1000 would fund the Winston's Wish National Helpline for 2 days! I will be in Dobbies, Cirencester, tomorrow from 10am until 4pm, raising awareness of and funds for Winston's Wish, which will be my final activity to fulfil the challenge set for me by The Nicest Job Team. If you're in the area, please come and say "Hello". There will be a Wishing Well for children to pop their pennies in, collection pots for your loose change and a special #FiverGiver bucket, in case anyone wants to donate their first 'new' £5 note! I hope to see you at Dobbies tomorrow (Saturday).


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05/10/2016 10:26:26

Ecclesiastical Insurance £125.00

03/10/2016 08:00:19

Anonymous £10.00

02/10/2016 21:30:18

Selena Mullen £20.00
+ £5.00 gift aid
Sending lots of love and luck to you Sali - you deserve it xx

02/10/2016 21:00:22

Collected by Sali Gray £182.24

02/10/2016 20:57:23

Anonymous £50.00

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