Bake Someone Smile

Bake a cake to make someone Smile!

As part of our Smile campaign, we are asking you all to get baking up your best show stoppers and enter them into our competition! You will have 2 weeks to bake and upload a picture of your creation, before Richard Bertinet picks a winner. The lucky winner will get a choice of winning a Bread Making Kit or Pastry Set!

Richard Bertinet - Live Bake Along

Richard will be holding a live Bake Along on Facebook and Instagram, Wednesday 24th June at 5pm (@Richardbertinet on Instagram and @Dottyhouse on Facebook) to give you inspiration and to share his baking expertise. Why not get your friends and family involved and all get baking for Dorothy House!

What do you need to do?

Simply Bake and upload your creations here, you can either make Richard's Strawberry Croustillant which he will teach you how to bake live or your very own show-stopping cakes and bakes! You need to make sure they are uploaded between Wednesday 24th June and Wednesday 8th July before the end of the competition. All your donations will go towards enabling us to care for our patients and supporting their families and carers. We cannot wait to see your yummy creations! Please make sure you enter your address whilst uploading your pictures so we can contact you if you have won!

Creating Smiles with your Bakes

Our community has been sharing smiles and pulling together at a time when a smile means so much. Through baking and sharing your amazing show stoppers we hope to continue to provide smiles and vital fundraising for patient care through our new event - Bake Someone Smile!

In so many ways cake brings our community together, it could be a simple coffee and cake with a friend, or a full Dorothy’s Tea Party. Bake Someone Smile is a new way to get involved with your community and continue to share a cake and a smile together!

A Wimbledon birthday cake for my mum!
Baking not only makes others smile but also the baker. For me its been may main source of focus and my way of getting through this epidemic, focusing on baking than the lack of work and income. So with that in mind I pushed myself to try things I had never done before, from filo pastry to grilling cake to clotted cream. Every element was homemade. Bakes: -Peach, camomile, white chocolate and clotted cream schichttorte -Hazelnut and chocolatice Povitica -Beetroot and feta sourdough -Blue cheese, red onion chutney and roasted grape sfoigliatelle - and finally a little riff on the croisstilant that started this whole thing. a layered smore dessert. White choc. coated graham cracker, strawberry jam, chiffon sponge, compressed strawberrys and melon in Gin, strawberry jelly...covered in burnt italian meringue and puff pastry sheets. As fun to make as it was to share and eat with my family.
My daughters lockdown birthday cake
I baked this cake for my best friends 40th birthday during lockdown. She is an amazing nurse for Dorothy House and has worked hard during the pandemic whilst home schooling her three boys, so she really deserved a special cake for a special day
I made this birthday cake for my daughters birthday on 03/07/20 It made lots of smiles and everyone enjoyed the peanut butter cake.
Living alone and having all your family in a different country during lockdown is pretty rubbish. What's even more rubbish is then spending your birthday alone during lockdown and having to bake your own birthday cake! I baked this cake to make myself smile!
Yesterday I made this red velvet cake with red velvet cookies, strawberries and chocolate orange truffles. At first I didn't want to cut into it but it was worth it for the smiles of my friends, family and neighbours. I hope my small donation helps to make a big difference at the Hospice. Thank you for everything you do.
My 4 year old daughter and I made a chocolate cake decorated with fresh raspberries from the garden and chopped up boost bar. We loved making this together, it certainly made us smile... especially tasting the results afterwards!
A chocolate-caramel triple layer cake, decorated with chocolates and homemade toffee pieces. I made this cake for my sister’s 26th birthday- she’s a bit of a chocoholic!
This cake contains everything that makes me smile... chocolate, pistachios, hazelnuts and caramel, my idea of cake heaven 😊
My son made Black Forest Gateau for my mum and daughters' combined 100th birthday!! It was delicious.......
I was asked if I could bake some gluten free French Fancies for a friend; but I'd never made them before. I rose to the challenge and here are the results.....Not quite Mr Kipling! But this created a double smile....firstly to my face for actually making them and secondly to my friend as I handed them over....they tasted good too!
Birthday cake for my gorgeous granddaughter Eloise during lockdown - she likes chocolate cake!
Baked a cake for mum/mother in-laws lockdown 50th birthday
Chocolate Orange Loaf Cake. My nan was looked after by Dorothy House before she died. When I was younger she taught me how to bake and was always chief taster! Now my mum has taken on that role.
If you are going to have a birthday tea party in “lockdown “ then it should be memorable. I made this cake for a friend and it made everyone smile .
I made this birthday cake for a friend to celebrate her birthday and to bring a smile to everyone’s face during “lockdown.
Am an NHS volunteer supporting a lady who is registered blind. Her husband is in a care home and I made this cake for the staff for her to take in when she was finally able to visit her husband.
A lemon cake made on a rainy day to make my family smile.
I used Richards recipe to make these Strawberry Croustillants! I really enjoyed learning to make something new, which made me smile, thank you! 😊
Paris Brest with hazelnut creme au beurre, my husbands favourite, made to make him smile after a busy week at work 😊
Summer fruit pavlova with Chantilly cream made for a dear friend’s birthday supper, sure did put a mile on her face 😊
Summer fruit tarts with creme patisserie made for a friend in isolation, made her smile 😊
Blackcurrant mousse desert made with fresh blackcurrants from my Mums allotment... so light and delicious, made the family smile 😊
My son turned 9 in lockdown & he was really upset that his party was cancelled & that he couldn't see his grandparents. We made this special cake with him to help cheer him up on his special day. I think it worked!
Every little needs a reasons to smile
Here is the cake I made for my nieces 1st birthday in lockdown, the first cake of this kind Iv ever made before but it was so worth it so see the smile in her face when she saw it. It’s Little Baby Bum for those who have not seen these characters before, she loves them 🥰
Had lots of fun making these Strawberry Croustillant especially as it’s for such a good cause. Enjoyed watching Richard make them.No faffing from him.
Here is my Garden black currant, apples and vanilla honey pizza, very simple quick and easy. Can be done with any fruit mix.