*CLOSED* Collie Selfie Challenge


Any entries made will not be counted but will still be charged.


We want to see you and your collies on our wall of selfies!

What better way to have some fun during these difficult times by sharing you and your collie selfies! We admire amusing, we crave creative, we enjoy entertaining and we just love loony .

All you have to do is click on the Upload now button above, upload a Collie Selfie of you both, your entire family or just them if they prefer to pose alone!

Make a minimum donation of £1. Extra donations gratefully received :-)

We will pick a winner on 20th May 2020 and we will even find a gift for the collie who wins. The winner will be posted on our social media

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My name is Megan and this is Kylo (who we adopted from you three years ago), chilling on his own dog sun lounger.
Me (Megan) and Kylo playing with some Snapchat filters!
My Name is Megan and this is Kylo (who we adopted from you 3 years ago), chilling on his very own dog sun lounger.
My name is Yve, and this is my beautiful best friend - Nova! This was taken at her 1st birthday party on 17.05.2020. She’s the life of the party and expresses her happiness through wonderful facial expressions such as this!
Callie and my daughter Casey. Best friends for forever.
Myself and my girl Skye, not sure who has the cheesiest grin! ❤️
Tracy Gale _ This is Jake looking to shoot some hoops!
My best friend Rosie. She has not left my side during lockdown. Obsessed with any ball & loves her teddies! P.s. no ducks were harmed in taking this photo! ♥️
Alan Barrie, Digby. Half collie half retriever 100% cuddly.
Bodie age 8, my best mate. Xx
Hey all im Louise Mommy to this wonderful companion Fluffy. She is 3 on the 13/nov
My sweetheart Rex always joins in with a selfie! 💕
Hi from Angela and Meg (8 years old). You wouldn’t think she had just chased a hare! 😱🐾❤️.
Me (Alfie) and my big brother Rusty
Picture if our old boy Oz who is sadly no longer with us. Photo taken by my grandson last Christmas. Oz was 16 years old in this pic
Jay Langley and this is my boy Dexter 💜 "Life's a ball, go fetch!" 🐾
Charlotte & Dexter Mom said you pay good money for eyebrows like mine.
Cosmo posing with flowers. Happy boy after his walk.
This is coco our lovely rescue collie cross. We have had her from 10 weeks old and she is now 7 and well and truly part of the family. This photo was taken by my 13 year old son who's bed she sleeps on every night.
Sheena Sharpe & Flo the dog. Who could have guessed my new home would have it's own plunge pool!
Our girl Gem, often referred to as Betty Bonkers, out on the hills where we belong.
Nicole Bowles - Please meet Tana, my little Welsh girl who has a passion for Welsh rugby
Fiona & rescue Collie Cross Rory, just chillin' in the Lockdown
Close up.
I'm Georgia and this is Drake checking out my new haircut 🥰
Neil and this was my best mate kai,had just had a bath and was giving me the not so impressed look ❤
Barry & rescue Collie Rory enjoying a cuppa in lockdown.
BELLA waiting for dad to take her out :-)
This is my foster Champ helping me work from home. He doesn’t understand social distancing...