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Take Part in The Pets As Therapy Virtual Dog Show 2021 - Wk 2: 'Bravest Dog'

Pets As Therapy (PAT) is a national UK charity founded in 1983 by Lesley Scott-Ordish, a dog owner who understood the unique bond between humans and animals. Today our volunteers and their temperament-assessed pets visit a range of establishments including hospitals, residential homes, schools, day care centres and prisons. Visits bring comfort and companionship to people who may feel isolated, confused and lonely, and they can help young people to improve their literacy skills and encourage confidence and concentration in the classroom.

Pets As Therapy has teamed up with Yours magazine to launch a new Virtual Dog Show, and we want to find winners in six classes. From Cutest Puppy, Bravest Dog and Golden Oldie to Pride Dog, Handsome Hound and Prettiest Pooch, simply send us your photos to be in with the chance of winning some great prizes. Your pet could even be chosen by our celebrity judge as Best in Show!

How To Enter

  1. Take the BEST photo of your dog or use one you already have and love.
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I would like to nominate Suzi for bravest dog. Suzi was a guide dog puppy in training. Her training was progressing very well when she contracted a virus. This attacked her immune system and Suzi had to be admitted into the guide dog hospital. Suzi was so poorly that Guide Dogs warned us to expect the worse. Suzi spent 12 weeks in hospital and eventually was well enough to come home to my wife and I. By now, Suzi had missed her slot for advanced training and due to her illness, Guide Dogs decided to withdraw her from the training programme. From this point, we took Suzi from Guide Dogs and she became out pet. Since this time, Suzi was enrolled as a volunteer with Pets As Therapy and now helps people in difficult positions with Suzi love. I am really proud of Suzi that she fought off the horrible virus and especially proud of her volunteering to Pets As Therapy.
Alfie Wilson
Alfie is 2 years old and has had the honour of being a Pets as Therapy volunteer since 11 months old. He has been amazing during lockdown continuing to visit and work with the children at the school where I am lucky to work, giving support and happiness to not only the Keyworker children, but to staff members too. Alfie is very much part of our school family, he was introduced at 9 weeks old where he started as a weekly science project! He is known by all the children and likes to spread a bit of Alfie magic to all.
'Luna' Abell
Luna is a 5 year old Border Terrier. She qualified as a PAT dog during COVID and was then taken very ill with liver problems in January and rushed to the Liverpool Veterinary Hospital as she did not respond to treatment loosing a 5th of her body weight when she stopped eating. Her life hung in the balance for a week until a feeding tube was surgically introduced and her slow recovery began. Testament to her bravery and will to live she is now fully recovered and just had our first PAT placement confirmed.
Mel Moss
This is Gnasher who works as a PAT dog with his twin brother, Mutley, at Sussex Partnership Mental Health Trust. Gnasher volunteers with older people with physical and mental health needs whilst Mutley lends a paw on a psychiatry ward Gnasher was very brave when a burglar targeted 5 houses in our street. He barked and chased the burglar when they got into our garden and didn’t give up even when he was injured by being hit with a spade. He has made a full recovery and all the neighbours bought him treats as the burglaries stopped and never restarted.
Archie Ramsay
Archie works alongside the Play Therapists at Southampton Children’s Hospital, helping children with anxiety cope with their pre op assessments. Archie bravely has all the procedures done first to show how easy it all is really.
Catherine Jones
Jack is a 10 year old chocolate labrador, he lost his front left leg following an accident 5 years ago. Since then he has continued as a Pets as Therapy visitor, prior to lockdown we visited a local prison, mental health wards, services for people who are homeless or vulnerable and a veterans group. We are very much looking forward to starting visits again when Jack can share his love and enjoy belly rubs. Jack has also donated 14 times to Pet Blood Bank saving the lives of up to 56 dogs
Nick Belson
This is Ghillie, who very bravely dresses up with his 'crazy mad' owner at every Tibetan Terrier day each year. His normal job is entertaining all the residents at The Ridings Care home in Banbury. Thankfully he only wares his PAT dog scarf on those occasions ;–)
Dorothy Nichols
This is George. A very brave and confident dog during the day... but he is scared of the dark. 😂
Dorothy Nichols
Tilly very brave in our narrow boat
Dorothy Nichols
This is Cookie. We call her a fur angel. She is fantastic in any situation
Hi There this is ziggy he is a rescue dog. He came into kennels with 27 other dogs. When they found him he had no fur on him and had no coat on him and had marks all over him. . he has had a very hard start to his life. He he now loves every day of his life now. Ziggy also has a long term cancer so he is a very brave little dog to be a visiting PetsAsTherapy Dog. He has been a such a helpful little Dog to a lot of people over the last years few years and Brought a lot of smiles to people. So to place a paw on some one knee that for sure is Therapy Love Ziggy 🐾
When our boy Angus was 4 he had an emergency urethrostomy due to urinary stone blockage & was given a new opening to urinate from. Just 2 months later he was diagnosed with inflammatory bowel disease. He has a very strict diet to facilitate both conditions & has regular flare-ups which have taken their toll & caused him to suffer with crippling anxiety. In the last year he started struggling with arthritis which got too bad for him to manage the stairs, so we have a fold-up mattress for the living room so we can still sleep together at bedtime. He is nearly 12 now, and his lifestyle is very restricted as we can't go out or have visitors due to his anxiety. However, despite all this, he is the bravest, happiest, funniest, most loving boy who never fails to make us laugh & always has a wag & kiss for us no matter how bad he's feeling. He really is amazing, he's our hero.
Mollie & Chudd
hi everyone my name is CHUDD,I am 12 years young this year :) A year ago I had a funny turn which resulted in multiple vets stays over night to figure what was wrong with me, with my fighting age of 11 at the time I found this very difficult especially with covid restrictions I had to be brave and face this alone. The doctors told my parents that I had in fact got DIABETES which was a huge shock and wake-up call for us all to understand. I am brave every day as I have to have 2 injections of insulin so I'm fighting fit to run around with my brother's. around 6 months ago unfortently with my age and diabetes I went FULLY BLIND with cateracts in both eyes. Now unfortently the surgery isn't 100% successful in most cases so as a family we decided to grab these things by both horns and take charge I may be blind which I've had to adapt my whole life to luckily I have a very loving family behind me who cheer me on when playing with my brother's and take very good care of me. as you can see in my picture I wear my blind dog harness this is one way I let others know I'm blind, but I still act my silly self as I've always been. *Note from owners* chudd has been super brave with adapting his whole lifestyle from moving around the house to relearning how to do the stairs, from a dog who loved food maybe abit to much to a strict routine of meals and insulin doses. I'm nominating chudd for the bravest dog because he's our bravest dog, he faces challenges he's had to relearn and adapt to all over again. Luckily he has a fighting spirit so I'd say we've been lucky. But to our chudd, you are the bravest doggy going!!! ♥️🐾
Fionn Hancox-Free
My greyhound Fionn survived a nearly catastrophic adder bite two years ago. He needed to go to his amazing vets every couple of days for nearly 5 months and did not resist or show any sign of pain or reactivity towards anyone - not once. He needed a skin graft eventually but took everything in his stride - he is the most amazingly brave boy and has endured so much. He is a total survivor (winner or not!) His story is here if you are interested!