Pets As Therapy (PAT) Virtual Dog Show 2021 - Wk 3 'Golden Oldie'

Take Part in The Pets As Therapy Virtual Dog Show 2021 - Wk 3: 'Golden Oldie'

Pets As Therapy (PAT) is a national UK charity founded in 1983 by Lesley Scott-Ordish, a dog owner who understood the unique bond between humans and animals. Today our volunteers and their temperament-assessed pets visit a range of establishments including hospitals, residential homes, schools, day care centres and prisons. Visits bring comfort and companionship to people who may feel isolated, confused and lonely, and they can help young people to improve their literacy skills and encourage confidence and concentration in the classroom.

Pets As Therapy has teamed up with Yours magazine to launch a new Virtual Dog Show, and we want to find winners in six classes. From Cutest Puppy, Bravest Dog and Golden Oldie to Pride Dog, Handsome Hound and Prettiest Pooch, simply send us your photos to be in with the chance of winning some great prizes. Your pet could even be chosen by our celebrity judge as Best in Show!

How To Enter

  1. Take the BEST photo of your dog or use one you already have and love.
  2. Click on 'Upload Photo & Donate' then complete the details as requested and select the photo you wish to enter.
  3. Now enter your postal address - we need this so we can send certificates/rosettes and prizes if you are successful with your entry. Any data is kept secure and will not be visible on the page.
  4. Now select how much you would like to donate (minimum £2 per photo) and if you are a UK tax payer, please do consider checking the box to allow us to claim Gift Aid.
  5. That's it, please share the Dog Show competition with as many dog owners as you can. GOOD LUCK!!!
Evie is an 8y 8m Bullmastiff PAT Dog . This photo was taken when she was 'on duty' at Leeds Train Station and met some of the British Transport Police
Christine Peers
This is Broden who was 12 years old on 1st April. He is a retired PAT dog, best friend of Flynn (our 6 year old Golden). When my husband retired over 10 years ago, Broden has been his walking companion and friend. He still enjoys his walks but is slowing down a bit. He loves children, has a naughty streak and is loved by everyone who knows him. He also eats EVERYTHING!!!
Sharon Tate
My Golden Oldie - ‘Bobby’ who will be 18yrs old in August, stood looking at the Snow not a care in the world xx
Kim Pickering
Here is the very lovely Idgie. She is almost 14 years young and very calm for a Westie, now she is older. I love this happy picture of her after her groom. Such a happy little soul.
Janet Burke
This is Harvey. He will be 16 in August and has been a PAT dog for almost 15 years. In that time he has taken part in a variety of roles. He has visited severely disabled children, visited the elderly in several care homes, worked with children who were frightened of dogs by doing phobia therapy and attended several talks to promote the work of the charity. He has been the most amazing dog displaying patience and wonderful temperament. Recently he has not done as much work due to his age and some health issues. People say he looks like a teddy bear and he always has a smile on his face. We love him dearly. Thank you Harvey for all the work you have done to put smiles on others faces.
Dorothy Nichols
This is Cookie an Australian labradoodle with a beautiful temperament. She is a reading dog and loved by all at our local school. This dog is always smiling and brightens up a Monday (during “normal” times ) for teachers, Headmistress and children. Therapy for all.Priceless. She is almost 9 and I hope we have many more years with her.
Dorothy Nichols
This is Tilly. She is almost 14 now. We have 3 dogs and she is the smallest but as a terrier she rules the roost! She is very much loved and still makes us smile with her antics. Don’t let her fool you with this “ butter wouldn’t melt look!”
Cozzie Bunce
Cozzie is a 15 year old patterdale x who is a whirlwind and in charge of pest control she likes to police the chickens for small furry visitors, she lives with Trio another entrant and will share his ill gotten gains
Trio Bunce
Trio is 15years young 3 legged Irish setter who’s mum bit his front leg off when he was born I met him at 4 weeks aged he has been with me ever since he is still a food thief who shows no remorse even after all these years he’s a once met never forgotten kind of chap
Wendy Jones
This is a photo of my Abbee, taken a couple of weeks before she was 12 years old. Abbee was a fabulous PAT dog, not only did she visit hospitals, where this photo was taken during a break, but also places like schools, care homes, libraries, universities to name a few, over a period of 10 years. She continued working until the day before she died. Unfortunately exactly 4 months after this photo was taken she was diagnosed with a very aggressive heart tumour and was sadly put to sleep. I’ll never forget Abbee as being a very lovely faithful friend and a joy to so many.
bettina haddon
This is Alina. She is 12 and was rescued from Spain where she was found with her 4 puppies living in a landfill in 2012. She is my sun and moon. My soulmate and a firm favourite of all the residents of the nursing homes we visit as Pets as Therapy volunteers. She enjoys long walks, cuddles and food (especially when it’s given by her P.A.T friends
Karen McGilchrist
Archie is a springador and will be 12 years old in a few months time. He has been a PAT dog for 7 years visiting care homes, mental health units and in the last few years ITU at our local hospital. Everyone is amazed by how young he looks. He is loved my many and we can’t can’t wait to get back volunteering again x
Angus will be 12 in July. He suffers with inflammatory bowel disease, bladder stones, arthritis and crippling anxiety, but is the happiest, funniest most loving boy you could ever hope to meet and we consider ourselves incredibly lucky to share our life with this amazing boy.
This is Alfie. He is almost 11 years old and despite being well trained and a member of the obedience display team with our local training centre he keeps us entertained with his antics every day. He has recently had a new furbaby sister which he tries to keep up with but sometimes all he wants to do is sit on the back of the sofa and watch the world go by.
Dawn Chilcott
Mivvi ( full name Myfanwy ) is our 10 year old cocker spaniel who loves life, cwtches, running on the beach, visiting school to read with her fans ( online at present), and generally being a diva! Despite various health problems, including an adder bite last year, she is always happy and a joy to be with! She is everyone’s friend! During lockdown her mission was to find a new ball every day on our walks and she was usually successful! Here she is admiring some of her “trophies”!
This is our fab rescue doggy Gizmo aged 17 doing his second favourite thing after his morning walkie and having his favourite thing his breakfast, we are blessed to have him in our lives and we treasure every day with him,he is an absolute star after a very rough start in his life.
L Harding
Lulabelle is 12 yrs old and is the most precious little soul. She was diagnosed with heart failure 6mths ago but is doing well with medication. Lulabelle is very much a poser, put her in a little dress and tell her she looks beautiful and she'll soon be skipping with excitment.
My little old man Kristoff is now 12years and 5months old. He's got arthritis and a couple of lumps and bumps but none of that stops him from erm... eating, sleeping and being the laziest and most loveable boy in town!
Hannah Colbourn
This is my golden oldie Todd, a 10 year old retired greyhound and recently retired PAT dog. Todd is quite simply the best thing that ever happened to our family. Greyhound, PAT and rescue dog ambassador. Big brother to countless foster dogs and two adoring children. An absolute gentleman. Unfailingly polite. Beloved by all humans and dogs.
This is Jake, almost 12 and a 2 time cancer survivor. He’s been at my side through thick and thin and I’d be lost without him.
Emma Hindson
This is Zara she is ~12yrs old and has been my life for the last 10yrs. She had spent 18mo in kennels and I was her fourth home from them. She is cheeky and full of mischief. We enjoy long distance walking and hill climbing.
Gwen Bottrill
16 year old Katie's mum Gwen went into a home just before the first lock down. She couldn't visit for months due to restrictions. Now she's goes weekly and always makes her mum smile!
Emma Park
Toby will be 16 in July but still acts like a puppy most of the time. He has kept me sane for the last 12 months as otherwise I live alone. He is totally awesome and can’t imagine life without him!
Claire Mitchell
This is my Sky, she is a friend to anyone in need. She even led me out of a house fire once. Sky will be 12 this summer and is enjoying her twilight years on our farm.
L Mcneil
My Stanley will be 12 years old in July, he is in good health for a little old man and somedays acts like he's still a puppy! He is my heart, my soul and my everything. He is also the best friend of my Mum to whom I am a full time carer for. She is woken up every morning with his four little paws jumping on her and doggie licks. I am sure most of the time she pretends to be still asleep so she gets extra kisses as he wont stop until she opens her eyes! He has been my rock through the tough times and everyday makes me smile. He knows when I am feeling sad and never leaves my side, actually scrap that, you know the song "Me And My Shadow" well that's us 24/7. (Unless my Mum is having a sandwich and well we know how that goes down, no loyalty to me when ham is involved lol) I am his human and I am blessed everyday with his unconditional love, which in return I will make sure he lives the best life ever!
Holly Thornton
This is Poppy, she is an 11 year old greyhound. She retired from racing when she was just 18 months old. We have had her in our family for 9 years. She brings us so much joy but can be incredibly stubborn!
Sonia Finch
Our 13 year old Cocker Spaniel, rescued at the age of 9, Harvey still thinks he's a puppy! He's made us laugh, cry and shake our heads in bewilderment, but we wouldn't have him any other way!
Sonia Finch
Adopted as a golden oldie nearly five years ago, 13 year-old Harvey still has days where he thinks he's a puppy, despite arthritis and a mini-stroke trying to convince him otherwise. Cheeky, smiley and waggy, we got lucky finding this one
Scarlett Brack
Scarlett aka Deafie as she is known to many of her friends on social media is 10 years young and continues to provide support and care to many 4 legged and 2 legged pals. As a Deaf Dog her life initially was challenging and her owner bore from her then disguarded her. She was found in a shelter at risk of being PtS. Now adopted she has helped over 50 other dogs find their foreverhomes. She has helped staffies, galgos and greyhounds on their journeys providing support and reassurance so that they can trust and build in confidence. She helps them relax and also can play with them and outrun them ..... well that’s what she believes. She’s a truly caring , sensitive soul who makes everyone smile who meets her. Sometimes I do believe that she thinks she’s a sighthound now as has to go and say hello to them when she meets them . Now restrictions are relaxing and tweet ups can take place we hope to see her meeting all her pals for zoomies soon.
Karen Seymour
Lucy my 14 year old Staffie x