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Take Part in The Pets As Therapy Virtual Dog Show 2021 - Wk 6: 'Prettiest Pooch'

Pets As Therapy (PAT) is a national UK charity founded in 1983 by Lesley Scott-Ordish, a dog owner who understood the unique bond between humans and animals. Today our volunteers and their temperament-assessed pets visit a range of establishments including hospitals, residential homes, schools, day care centres and prisons. Visits bring comfort and companionship to people who may feel isolated, confused and lonely, and they can help young people to improve their literacy skills and encourage confidence and concentration in the classroom.

Pets As Therapy has teamed up with Yours magazine to launch a new Virtual Dog Show, and we want to find winners in six classes. From Cutest Puppy, Bravest Dog and Golden Oldie to Pride Dog, Handsome Hound and Prettiest Pooch, simply send us your photos to be in with the chance of winning some great prizes. Your pet could even be chosen by our celebrity judge as Best in Show!

How To Enter

  1. Take the BEST photo of your dog or use one you already have and love.
  2. Click on 'Upload Photo & Donate' then complete the details as requested and select the photo you wish to enter.
  3. Now enter your postal address - we need this so we can send certificates/rosettes and prizes if you are successful with your entry. Any data is kept secure and will not be visible on the page.
  4. Now select how much you would like to donate (minimum £2 per photo) and if you are a UK tax payer, please do consider checking the box to allow us to claim Gift Aid.
  5. That's it, please share the Dog Show competition with as many dog owners as you can. GOOD LUCK!!!
Rosie Davis
This is Nellie, she loves her visits in to school. Here she is sat in the Pastoral room waiting for her regulars. Nellie loves a cuddle and waits patiently for some attention.
Neil Raynor
Once on an off-lead walk along the Bridgewater Canal. Pups decided to go and sniff some friendly ducks, but what looked like a nice grassy island for her to cross over to them turned out just to be lily pads. I fished one miserable-looking sucked mango of a wolf out the canal.
Diana S
Flame is a 7 year old cockapoo who visits a Psychiatric Hospital in South London, ward for the elderly. She is super gently and affectionate and has super powers! One gentleman who is very withdrawn talked to Flame while petting her during our visit. It brought some of the staff to tears.
Helen Thresher
Aero Sniff ...The chocolate and bubbly lab The wonderful PAT dog she will walk with the elderly like a guide dog , run and play chase with her viszla x sister from another mother and keep up with her She also alerts drop in sugar levels to diabetics and is the most loving girl just wanting to please and love everyone she meets
Helen Thresher
This is Odi the Viszla x She is an amazing PAT dog and also a true princess by nature so gentle kind and loving An amazing dog that loves to swim and climb trees.
Hello to everyone out there. This is sasha she is a working PetsAsTherapy dog. She vist a Day Care center and and stroke and rehabilitation ward. She always loves to meet people and gives a lot of trust to people. She. is always a very happy girl and gives a lot of love back. to everyone she meets. Just a little message from a Golden Girl to place my paw on some knee that for sure is Therapy 🐾🐾
Lulabelle is 12.5 years old. She was my first ever dog and her beautiful playful soul opened up a whole new world to us as a family. I never knew or understood the love, the loyalty, the fun, the friendship and the healing a dog could bring until I met this little girl. She's a pure joy, the biggest (smallest) bundle of love I could have in my life and I couldn't be more proud of her, love you Lulabelle!
Ruby is a rescue dog, she joined Pets as Therapy in June 2019 and was an instant hit with the children at school during her read2dogs sessions. She can't wait to get back into school
Linda Desborough
My name is Demi and I am so excited about becoming a Pets as Therapy doggie. I have a sister called Tiger who enjoys Read2,dogs scheme. We are both cairn terriers .
Gillian Allan
Ted bear, this little chap loves attention and with a face like that who could resist 💙
Jenny Welham
Introducing Miss “Ruby” Noodles, my endearing 3yr old Cairnoodle pup! A Therapy dog since the tender age of 9mths, Ruby loves nothing better than bringing a smile to the faces of those facing emotional or mental health challenges in both our local Grammar school and psychiatric hospital. She’s funny, friendly and flamboyant and we are often left wondering if she really believes she is a dog and not human......
Genevieve Taylor
Here is @pennythewest all dressed up as a “bridesdog” in preparation for her humans wedding last year! Unfortunately the wedding couldn’t go ahead due to Covid and the national lockdown but Penny will be ready to carry our her special role during the new postponed wedding date next Summer! Gorgeous Penny!
Natalie Smith
This is Blue he is only 5 months old and is just amazing puppy. He is so good but espically around my pregnant sister. He is so gentle and loves to cuddle up into her bump. I just cannot wait till baby is here and Blue can met him, he will be best doggy cousins ever.
She should have been called Oliver... because as soon as she has finished her food she carries her bowl around and I can hear the voice “please sir, can I have some more”
Sarah Anderson
Janet Burke
This is Maisie. She is almost 13 and has been a PAT dog for 11 years. I adopted her from Many Tears Animal Rescue when she was just 8 weeks old. She has been my project dog. Not keen on other dogs but lovely with people and especially children. She has visited the elderly and done phobia therapy and recently Read2Dogs. The children love her and call her their school dog. Thank you Maisie for helping the reluctant and shy readers.
Lisa Hutton
This is Cookie. She loves any attention she can get, which makes her a great PAT dog. If someone just looks at her in the street or the park, she stops for a stroke.
Taya Swann
Taya Swann - how did i get so lucky to find a pup like this ? Lurcher by breed , lurcher by nature <3 My own dog i can call completely my own, a 700 mile round trip and a bargain bucket £450 to collect her. Only turned 1 year old on 26 May 21 - a covid puppy, as some call her. She recently passed her kennel club foundation course, and will be going for bronze in July. She is my confidante, my muse, my best friend. She makes me laugh daily, and her ‘roaching ‘ cracks me up, her little squeaks when she tells me its time for bed and to cuddle up. Her great temper and gentle nature her is amazing.
This is me when I was a puppy ( I'm 4 years old now) I love anything wet like, mud, puddles, leaves, the bath, the sea and I often get taken to the special Dog swimming Baths. I recently embarrassed my humans by jumping in a fountain at a memorial garden. I go all sorts of places as I am an Assistance Dog one day soon, when the world get's over Covid I'm hoping to become a Read-2-Dog.
Wendy Jones
This is Rosee. This photo was taken on her third birthday, when she had great fun racing around a harvest field with her best friends. Rosee needed a new home when she was given up at 5 months old and had been badly treated. She still has a few fears but is one of the most cuddly dogs I have even owned.
Annie R.
This is Ellerby ( Talraz The Comedienne at Dunziz). She's a Bearded Collie. She also has a very important job as she is my ESA Dog. Her favourite pastime is mud wading and she love to go swimming. Her best friend is Ozzy, a Ragdoll kitten.
Jules Langdell
Mabel is a wanna be therapy dog. She loves nothing more than a snuggle and just loves meeting new people. I don’t think she realises just how cute she is🥰
Jennifer Rush
Our birthday girl Isla is off to work her magic on the Surrey University students today and resuming her Read2Dogs duties tomorrow at Milford Infants. She is loved by all and both her and the children cannot wait to see her again. Better known as Isla the reading dog!
Emma Bunce
Daphne likes 🎶pina coladas and getting caught in the rain 🎶 Daphne is a 3 year old hydrocephalus cleftie with a dry eye , but does this stop her OH NO ! She lives , loves everyday to the fullest she’s everyone’s emotional support and makes your heart melt with every breath and does a very good impression of a gargoyle
Chris A
And an action shot!
Chris A
Rupert wasn’t the cutest puppy in the litter but we think he’s the prettiest now!
Rhiannon Culbard
Maciee is a 6 year old Morkie. She loves going to the park with her favourite tennis balls. Maciee also likes to sit in the garden with her sister/best friend Beau (who is a cat).
Dorothy Nichols
Cookie is a reading dog at our local school in Marlow and is loved by all. She is such a kind dog as well as being pretty!!
Norman Sparkes
Norman loves visiting both physical health and mental health hospitals and in his spare time, he loves chasing squirrels 🐿
This is golden, a gorgeously interestingly coloured golden retriever! He loves a snack, and will wait patiently... most of the time :)