Pets As Therapy (PAT) Virtual Dog Show 2021 - Rainbow Bridge

Take Part in The Pets As Therapy Virtual Dog Show 2021 - 'Rainbow Bridge'

Pets As Therapy (PAT) is a national UK charity founded in 1983 by Lesley Scott-Ordish, a dog owner who understood the unique bond between humans and animals. Today our volunteers and their temperament-assessed pets visit a range of establishments including hospitals, residential homes, schools, day care centres and prisons. Visits bring comfort and companionship to people who may feel isolated, confused and lonely, and they can help young people to improve their literacy skills and encourage confidence and concentration in the classroom.

Pets As Therapy has teamed up with Yours magazine to launch a new Virtual Dog Show, and we want to find winners in six classes. From Cutest Puppy, Bravest Dog and Golden Oldie to Pride Dog, Handsome Hound and Prettiest Pooch, simply send us your photos to be in with the chance of winning some great prizes. Your pet could even be chosen by our celebrity judge as Best in Show!

How To Take Part

  1. Select a photo you already have and love showing your dearly departed pooch at their best.
  2. Click on 'Upload Photo & Donate' then complete the details as requested and select the photo you wish to enter.
  3. Now select how much you would like to donate (minimum £0.50 per photo) and if you are a UK tax payer, please do consider checking the box to allow us to claim Gift Aid.
  4. That's it, please share the Dog Show competition with as many dog owners as you can. Thank you for your generous support!!!
Bentley you was a staffy Ambassador. You loved all the attention being a PAT dog. Will never forget our 4 years as a PAT dog. Always in my heart mummy's special boy for 13 years. 💔🐾
Skye Francis
Thank you Skye for all you did, you were by my side always and quick to do anything asked if you, from rounding up our sheep and ducks, to escorting me on the collage run, you gained your gold good citizen award but you earned so much more, your dog and human family miss you so much, you have been gone a year (5/2020) but the pain of loosing you hurts every day, I hope you are enjoying your rest or playing with our other fur babies xx Sleep sweet old girl xx
You are forever in our hearts and memories Bella🐶❤️🌈⭐️
Noodle Taylor
Such a big gentle boy full of character, everyone who met him loved him immensely. Left a big hole in our hearts forever. Till we meet at the rainbow bridge….,,,xxx
Lucas Thompson
Sleep well Lucas and thanks for the great memories, I remember rescuing you from that small balcony in Tenerife where you never went out to going on wild adventures throughout Europe in our camper You will be reunited with your travelling companions now
George Harrison
16 Years of love, companionship and being my best friend in the whole world. George was by my side throughout life's ups and downs. He was my own personal therapy dog, i wish I'd known about PAT because George was made for the role! Stanley has big shoes to fill but he's just passed his PAT assessment and we can't wait to share his love with others in memory of my dear sweet boy, George. 2004-2020. It's not goodbye, my treasure. Its farewell for now. x
Teddy Wheeler
I wish I'd known about the therapy programme, because my Ted was the gentlest soul. He loved to love everyone he met, he loved life. I miss him every second. ❤
Our beautiful 5 year old cockapoo Fudge. You were the perfect companion, comedian, therapist and personal trainer. Miss you every day. Thank you for being our friend, you will never be forgotten and we will never stop loving you xxx
Lady Erin
The lovely Lady Erin, she was the most gentle natured dog you could ever meet. She was definitely my best friend, confidant and at times counsellor. Her big energy and personality is sadly missed but never forgotten. No doubt she is busy chasing squirrels in the clouds xxx
Suzie White
Cute and fluffy but fickle and nippy. Taught me more about the world than anyone else and I miss her still. The breeders said she would never win a prize for her looks but might do well at agility or obedience - ha ha ha I might have this as my epitaph as well
This is our dear Dunsley who put so much into his 4 short years. Right from the word go we knew he was extra-special and he was loved by so many. Unfortunately he had to have major surgery at 12 weeks old but survived and gave us 4 years of love and devotion. Still miss him terribly but so glad he loved us as much as we loved him.
Can’t believe it’s 2 years since our crazy Sammy moo moo, ran over to rainbow bridge not long after his 11th birthday......We miss the trail of destruction,balls and toys from the minute he woke till he shut his eyes at night, he was one crazy dog.We miss the laughs from his antics,and he is greatly missed. I’m sure he would be proud of his big brother Gizmo winning the golden oldie category. We miss him so much x
Ann Foxley-Johnson
Goodbye to the goodest dog. And I mean the best. Barley mo, the first dog I had from a tiny puppy, who slept with me (secretly) and I carried in my paper bag during my paper rounds... who got all my Christmas tips on said paper rounds in the form of treats and toys. Who was, unquestionably, a stubborn lump of a dog who would flat out refuse to move on the bed/sofa (you would move). Who was my favourite family pet. Who won waggiest tail at a tiny farm show and would continue to have the waggiest tail throughout her entire life. (The trophy still lives on). Who would be snuck treats by everyone, who was so excited to see me even when she started to lose her hearing and sight. All dogs are ace, but we were a particularly lucky family to have Barley. Words by our daughter Lexy
This is my beautiful girl, Brandy. She sadly passed away the day after her 15th Birthday on 11/04/20. She had the most loving nature & was special in every way. We miss her every day.
Natalie Best
This was Noodle, a bedlington terrier. We rescued Noodle from the local pound, she was in a terrible state, thin, hernia on her stomach, gunked up ears, big clumps of hair hanging off her, but with time and love and lots of vet visits she soon became a lovely dog. Noodle was around 10.5 when we lost her to kidney failure. She became a PAT dog with her hairy brother Curly around 8 years ago. She adored people so it was the best thing ever for her, this was a dog who thought nothing of climbing into a homeless persons sleeping bag with them (whether they liked it or not) she had a knack for knowing who needed her cuddles, and knew how to make tgem feel loved,she continued to do PAT visits right up to 2 weeks before she passed as she loved visiting so much. Even people who didn't particularly like dogs couldn't resist her wiggles. She continues to live on in our dog Mouse, another bedlington. Although not related i believe Noodle whispers in her ear and tells her what to do. Mouse is continuing Noodle's work as a PAT dog one cuddle at a time,
Pepper was a very special girl, she left me when she was 13 months old but she truly made her mark on my life and I will never forget her
Wendy Jones
My ever faithful Abbee who died at 12yrs old. She made so many people happy, with so many special moments, for 10years as a PAT dog. Even the week she died she visited the old people’s home, a school and local hospital and got to the Thursday, when she should have been doing a photo shoot for the hospital’s Christmas event, she was put to sleep having been diagnosed with a very aggressive heart tumour. She never let me know there was any problem and left me so suddenly. A dog who will never be forgotten.
Du ( dee ) , James Hall
Du, is welsh for black( Dee ) , he was nearly 11 and had a fantastic life, the last 3 being a PAT dog in the school where I work , part of the Nurture team ,he helped so many children and staff along the way x Rest in Peace Du Dood xx
Janna was a rescue dog from Tenerife, she had been dumped at a picnic spot on Mount Teide. it took us five days to coaxe her out of the bushes, she was emaciated and afraid of everyone. Twelve months later and back home in England Janna became a P.A.T. dog, for nine years she helped so many children to find their self esteem in schools as a read2dog, and put a smile on chidren's faces in our local Hospice. For all her work, Janna was entered in the Crufts 2017 Pat dog of the Year award. She is missed so much.
Paddy was meant to be a working sheep dog but it wasn’t in his life plan! He tried agility but not to his liking either - then he discovered Pets as Therapy and enjoyed a life of bringing comfort, helping people overcome their fear of dogs, and helping children feel comfortable reading. He knew what he wanted to do and devoted his life to it
Aileen Philpot
My beautiful Ruby such a short life but such a big personality,
My first dog - a lovely boy but so sensitive that he used to worry when the other dogs misbehaved!
David Mac
Our stunning little papillon boy, Flash. November 21st 2008 - June 10th 2020. Flash was just a joy to have, was totally heartbreaking to lose him, and he missed every single minute of every day.
Doug Archer
Dear little Dougie dog shared much love and care, through his work Pets As Therapy, for nearly ten years. Doug left us this April, during National Pet Month. Over time, Doug helped create strong feelings of genuine significance and true worth in those he worked with. He will be sorely missed.
"The hills are alive Exmoor!" Buddy and I have had many adventures on our solo holidays! First holiday without him by my side this year x Buddy has inspired me to study animal Therapy and hopefully one day my future 4legged friend, will be able to help me support others that can also benefit from puppy love ❤️
This is a photo of Buddy, he was my everything! Due ti the emptiness I feel without him in my life, it has inspired me to study Animal Therapy. I'd love my future 4legged friend to help me support people who could benefit from the pure unconditional love that a dog can give ❤️
Jane Watson
This is Kaiser my rescue Bullterrier he truly was a gentleman and an amazing companion. Unfortunately Kaiser only shared 2 wonderful years of his life with us before leaving for the rainbow bridge. Never to be forgotten.