** NOW CLOSED ** Virtual Pet Show 2022

** NOW CLOSED ** Virtual Pet Show 2022

Welcome to our Virtual Pet Show event page, in celebration of National Pet Month 2022, supporting QAC and The Blue Cross.

There are five categories you can enter, open to all pets – furry, feathered, shelled or scaly!

The categories are: • Best Smile • Best Pet & Human Selfie • Best ‘I Fit, So I Sit’ • Funniest Pet • Nicest Eyes

It is £2 per entry and you can enter as many pets in as many categories as you wish, but each one will need entering separately. Photo entries our this page will be uploaded to our Facebook event page at the end of April so that people can vote for their favourite pet in each category.

When uploading, make sure you include your name, your pet’s name AND the category you are entering – if there’s no category noted then the photo won’t be entered into the Facebook competition.

The winners of each round (decided through the number of likes received for each photo) will then be put forward to the grand finale, ‘Best in Show’, for another round of votes to crown our Virtual Pet Show Champ. All entries will receive a certificate (by email) and winners will receive a prize and rosette.

50% of proceeds will go to QAC and 50% will go to supporting The Blue Cross, in particular our local rehoming centre in Bromsgrove (www.facebook.com/bluecrossbromsgrove). Even if you don’t want to upload a photo, you are still able to donate and support both charities through this page. Just click on the pink button to upload and donate - it's easy!

THE DEADLINE FOR UPLOADING PHOTOS TO BE ENTERED INTO THE COMPETITION IS WEDNESDAY 27th APRIL. Category voting will then start on Friday 29th April, followed by ‘Best in Show’ the week after.

Hilda……if I fits, I sits!
Norman - Funniest Photo - Not quite sure whats occurring here 🤣
Eli- "Best Pet & Human Selfie"
This is Riley the Old English Shepherd who has a lovely doggie smile!
Virtual Pet Show 2022 supporting QAC and The Blue Cross. Toby- Nicest Eyes
Archie Funniest pet
ARCHIE Best Smile
Luna's nicest eyes
Luna's nicest smile
My partner Sarah and Nova for “Pet and Human”
Nova for “Funniest Pet”
Nova for the “Nicest Eyes” category
Category: Nicest Eyes Pet name: Opi Owner name: Kieran
Funniest pet - Luna helping us work from home
Best pet and human selfie - when Lynda met Luna
Best I fit so I sit - the walk was just too much for Luna
Funniest pet - dinner was just too much for Luna
Nicest eyes - baby Evie playing with a bobble
Jax, showing off his 'Best Smile'
Funniest Pet - Baby Evie having a drink from a huge mug!
John Rambo 'I fit so I sit' - well, just about!
Funniest pet - Kirby playing 'peepo' whilst I was working!
Funniest pet Lion Mr Beans
Bella Nicest Eyes