CLOSED Happy Cat Photo Challenge


Thank you for your interest in our #HappyCat photo competition - showing our feline friends living their best lives.

Rain Rescue #HappyCat photo challenge - living their best life

To celebrate International Cat Day we asked you to share photos of your feline friends living their best lives.

Be it a lazy cat, a crazy cat, a climber or a home parkour expert

See all #HappyCat photos below - who was your winner?

Entries closed at midnight on Sunday 16th August, after which we will chose our favourite photo and the winner received a fabulous Rain Rescue goody bag prize.

All donations help us to be there for the cats and dogs most at risk across South Yorkshire, providing them the safety, shelter and comfort they deserve. Thank you from all of us for helping them to live their best lives.

Keep checking back for future competitions.

This is my 8 year old cat Dotty, just doing a bit of sleep yoga on our bed.
This is my 8 year old cat Harry, hanging out on the scratch post with his friend Nemo.
Prince William chilling in the Bath 🛀
This is Marmalade, I think he’s very happy with his new bed and the fact that he has a new home. We adopted him just this week from Rain Rescue 💜
my marcus love of my life x was a stray but has accepted me and indoor living as you can see even helps me with my computer work
Clark taking a snooze in our bed!
When you manage to scratch that itch!
Coco relaxing😻
Marley fully enjoying his catnip plant. I am not sure he can get quite close enough to it though.
Winter enjoying her snooze n looking cute... And in full view of us! This is a massive breakthrough for the 'wary of all humans' cat we adopted from RR. She's a superstar!
Taffy is definitely a lazy cat 🐈
Leg Warmers
My lovely ex foster cat Lucky and her kitten Ollie
Fireside Feline! Finn loves laying by the fire but likes to cool off by snuggling.
Snoozy Sundays with Finn. (formerly known to RR as Koko)
Finn really loves to have a cuddle and is obsessed with my hair.
A happy Luna warming her toes in front of the fire. She absolutely loves lying in front of the fire and sits in the sunshine all day when it’s not lit.
This is Pepper, known as Pudding at Rain Rescue. We adopted her in February 2020 and she took a long time to settle due to her previous life. Now she is a very happy and loving cat, queen of her garden where she spends such a lot of time exploring, and then dozing in the conservatory, sometimes so deeply asleep she falls off the windowsill!
Harry enjoying the outdoors.
Here is Hex sprawled out on the sofa enjoying the good life after less than 12 hours in his new home.
Tensing spends most of his days like this on the sofa
Bouncer was a feral cat terrorising the people and cats of Rotherham until Rain Rescue stepped in. He's now living a new life as a stable cat and loves to sit on his personal shelf beside the window. He's also discovered his voice and the joy of Dreamies!
Harmony chilling at the top of the stairs 2 days after adoption.
Here is Pepper wearing her birthday bow tie! She has just celebrated her 1st birthday - we got her at just 6 weeks old after her mum abandoned her. She’s a total diva and is the most fabulous little cat ever ❤️
Luna and pixie in their two storey cat box house built by the Goldstraw kids
Percy also loves his big sister Polly.
Phoebe adopted from Rain in 2014 loves her big sister Polly.
Here is Truffle the aspriring cat gymnast. She had been a pregnant stray, taken in and cared for by Grantham ROC charity. After having her kittens, which all found homes, Truffle was in need of a home too. At the same time, we had just lost our dear cat Moscow to a sudden illness, and our dog three days earlier to a brain tumour. We heard about Truffle and I think she heard about us!! One year on she's happy as Larry, affectionate and impish. She's a joy to own!
This is Milo he’s the brother of Winston also adopted in January! He’s very talkative, playful and loving a pleasure to have in our home. This picture is post castration, how I found him in the sofa lol