VE Day 75 'Celebrate at Home' Photo Competition

Party like it's 1945!

Thank you for joining our VE Day 75 ‘Celebrate at Home’ photo competition to raise money for Combat Stress,

We hope you've had an amazing day celebrating VE Day 75 - we can't wait to see your 'Most entertaining photos'.

1st Prize - SIGNED PRINT OF RED ARROWS over Niagara Falls during their America/Canada Tour 2019, signed by current  2020 Pilots and support team.

2nd Prize - LARGE LUXURY HAMPER - including luxury toilet roll, wine, beer, sweets, and unique and luxurious food from specialist local suppliers.

3rd Prize - BRONZE POPPY - From 'The Remembrance Collection' which is due to officially launch on Friday 8th May 2020 to coincide with the 75th anniversary of VE Day.

Submit your competition entry of a Photograph of your Party, and winners will be chosen based on the ‘Most Entertaining Photo’.


1.) Party Like it’s 1945 and create a fun photo(s) of your day. Get creative and keep us entertained!

2.) Upload your photos by clicking on the blue 'Add Donation for Photo Entry' button above. Please note we may use your photo on social media or on other Combat Stress promotional material.

3.) Add your donation of 'suggested donation £5.00'* per photo entry and upload your Photograph along with a caption in the message box. It is not mandatory to donate £5 but all the money raised will help us support former servicemen and women deal with issues like post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anxiety and depression.

4.) Entries must be received by us by midnight on Monday 11 May 2020

5.) Winners will be announced on Thursday 21 May 2020 and winning photos will be available on

IMPORTANT: Please remember, parties should only be held with members of the same family/household that you are isolating with, please do not invite people over and break any social distancing government regulations.

*Minimum donation to enter is £0.50

Anna Barham
We had great fun dressing up and eating rock cakes in the sunshine. Even the dog joined in.
Cathryn Riley
Celebration in isolation - a reminder that love conquers all x
Reardon Family
Mini figures celebrating 'Victory in Europe' Day well into the flood lit evening.!
Liz Barnett
Just a small part of our home celebration preparations
Anaȉs Victoria Frey
Anaȉs enjoying an ice-lolly with Teddy Bear's Picnic setup, on VE Day
Anaȉs Victoria Frey
The Queen's VE Day 75 speech : "The greatest tribute to their sacrifice is that countries who were once sworn enemies are now friends, working side by side for the peace, health and prosperity of us all." Anaȉs, a two year old German-Romanian girl enjoys a Teddy bear picnic in the garden, with very special guest Garfield and Her Majesty the Queen, accompanied by a Royal Guard.
Heather Osak
Wish we could have had the huge celebration originally planned but we enjoyed our smaller celebrations. Well done for the VE down load it was really informative
Heather Osak
Great work and loved the VE Day package
Julian Kerry
My wife - “yessir! Course I can ride it!”
Richard Lindsay
Great day had by all ....
Bev Smith
Teddy bears started the day watching and observing the 2 minute silence followed by copious amounts of tea and cake. Who said self isolation needs to be boring. It's about keeping your mind active and what a wonderful day to do this on, celebrating our veterans who fought for our today.
Bev Smith
Bertie, Herbert, Mary and Mildred all came over for a lovely teddy bears afternoon tea on the lawn. The teddies and I had a beautiful afternoon eating scones and a glass of bubbly. Really enjoyed celebrating this special day even though I'm currently isolating on my own. Made the day more appreciative. I also loved the chance to dress in 1940's felt very fitting.
Ve Butler
Fabulous socially distant party!
Had a Great social distancing Street party its was an amazing day X the other photo was better but couldn't download X take care stay safe X
Amanda Crichton
The children read accounts written by evacuees to understand what it was like during war time and how wonderful VE Day was!
Kitten Von Mew
Raising money for Combat Stress on VE Day!
Margarete Crossman-Kellie
Had a hoot celebrating VE Day - even though it was just the two of us! We will remember them 😊
Faye Deane
This is Sophie. She is 6 and decorated the front of the house with home made buntin which she painted. Sophie also wrote an original pome into a piece of fabric which I then sewed (and might have blew up my sewing machine at the same time 🤦🏻‍♀️)
Shelly West
Brilliant Day although from different households
Teresa Mitchell
Had such a brilliant day
Annalisa Howarth
We had a VE Day party with our Key Worker and Vulnerable children in school today! Complete with home made cake and a buffet! It was great!
Aurora (aged 6) has spent the week learning about VE Day with mummy and daddy at home. She was very excited to dress up for our tea party today and very thankful for everything our armed forces have done and continue to do.
Hannah Curnow
Remembering my great grandad, Royal Marine during WW2, very proud x
Andrew Edwards
Having a great time remembering past relatives in the war also party for two!
Vicky Donachie
We celebrate, recognise & remember the service, sacrifice & heroism of a country of ordinary people. Thanks to them, hundreds of millions of people now live in freedom today. We offer our solemn pledge that you will be remembered always. As we are on lockdown & cannot celebrate how we may have planned we, as Brits, shall overcome this hurdle & celebrate whilst adhering to social distancing rules. World War Two brought people together & it seems our current situation is having a similar effect. To the heroic men & women of World War Two that are still with us we thank you. As history shows us Brits can get through tough times & we will again!
Liz Barnett
Our homemade driveway tea, with music playing to entertain the passers by
Joel Wood
Happy VE Day
Julian Storey
Celebrating at home, VE Day 75th Anniversary 2020.
Kate Ruiz
Happy VE Day!
Kirstie Bromfield
2020 style VE Day celebrations ❤️💙