Virtual Cream Tea with your Pets

It's National Cream Tea Day on Friday 26th June 2020...

Is your usual Cafe not open? Have one at home and donate the cost of going out to our animals!

To celebrate NCTD on 26th June 2020, we are hosting a virtual tea party all week on Facebook from the 22nd June to the 26th of June. Come and join us on our Facebook Page for recipes, cute pictures and polls to answer the biggest questions facing humanity right now: Is a Jaffa Cake a Biscuit and does cream go on before Jam?

You can donate from today and don't forget to upload a pic of you and your gorgeous pet having your tea and cake!!!

Also, if you have any cool recipes of human and pet goodies that you would like to share with our community please post them on here as a photo :-)

Please donate £4 (or more) and help our Animals. Just £4 pays for the care of one of our animals for a whole day!

Home made date and cherry scones with home made apricot jam..cup of tea and later washed down with a glass of bubbly. Just the job Cassie my cat and Steven Seagul were both there eating there own treats but were reluctant to be photographed.x
A quiet cuppa on my own. I lost my husband and my Doggy last year.
Here's a pic of Lotus having her afternoon snack ;-)