Crazy Cats Competition!

Yorkshire Cat Rescue Crazy Cats Competition Extravaganza!

We want to see pics of your gorgeous funny felines and mental moggies doing the strange things that only cats can do!

We all know that cats rule the world, We love them, but sometimes they can be plain weird.

What better way to spread some smiles and happiness at this difficult time by sharing pictures of what your crazy cats get up to. We want funny faces, strange poses, all round craziness and anything else that will make us laugh!

What you need to do

  1. Click on the Donate & Upload button above, and upload a picture of your Crazy Cat being bonkers.
  2. Make a minimum donation of £5.
  3. We will choose our favourite photo and the winning Crazy Cat will receive a prize!

Your donation will help us to be there for the hundreds of abandoned and unwanted cats and kittens that still need our help at this difficult time. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Ellis is our rescue cat, he was found freezing cold under a shed when he was a kitten (around 6 years ago) with a very poorly eye. He still has a sore eye from time to time but it doesn’t stop him thinking he can still fit in the bird house to sunbathe- catching any passing flies and batting any hands that dare to try to stroke him while he’s up there! We love him very much. Thank you for all the great work you do. Hannah Quigley
This is Wilf in his silly sleeping position
Rocky dangling down and watching TV with his brother Max in the background. 😻
This is Ponti. She was 8 weeks old here . She now just 1yr n 1 month old n lives chasing flies. But I am a indoor cat so been plenty of other things I get upto. When I was only a kitten I use to fit into a strawberry container.
He came to me as an abused stray. It took a while to gain his trust but it was worth it. In memory of my beautiful boy - a cuddly, placid, lovable teddy bear - George.
Here's Freya 'helping' me with working from home - every literary genius has a touch of madness in them, right?
A springer who thinks she’s a cat! The cats are not impressed!
Just one of many pictures of my crazy girl Florence doing something silly
The elegance that is Mr Binks Esquire at his ablutions.
Here's my cat Betty having a sleep in a box that's full of jigsaw pieces and is way too small for her!
Toffee, one of my neighbour's cats, only too willing to help peg out the washing.
This is Phoebe. I adopted her from YCR in May 2014. She likes to sleep in the most uncomfortable places. In this case the washing rack, above the dryer, which was on this day 🤭 she’s definitely not daft!
This is Kitty Maloo, he couldn't catch a mouse so he brought one home in a mouse trap
Frankie enjoying a drink - this isn't a one off I often find little paw prints on the seat!
Alfie stole some cream from a jug on the worktop!
What am I doing? Just chilling that’s all!
Because I cut his head off 🤦🏼‍♀️ I’m adding a better pic of Paddy in Spidercat pose!
This is Paddy doing his Spidercat routine. This is the only time I’ve managed to get him on camera doing this but usually he goes much higher!
After a hard day hunting, our Clint cat really likes to chill out and stretch them shoulders!
My parents kitty Harry Potter! Always seems to know when it’s dinner time and yet he doesn’t own a watch! Dad’s the softy and always leaves him a treat 🤨😆
Katrina sat at the bar waiting her turn
Our boy Flynn. Not being productive working from home during lockdown!
This is Donald's sister Daffy being a cat in a bag, in another bag, in a laundry basket. Both cats rescued together from RSPCA and they are crazy!! I have lots of photos but I'll bankrupt myself uploading them all 😉
This is Donald chilling out in the kitchen sink.
This is my crazy cat Angus MacGyver. He was adopted nearly 3 years old. There are many many crazy photos but this is my favourite. From his mummy Vikki Collins 💗
Bill sits in front of the mirror. He thinks he's in competition with another cat so always cleans himself if front of it to make sure he looks better🙂
Ron annoying his brother Monza
Afternoon tea anyone?
Not sure what was happening here! Zaphod (behind curtain) and Hendrix, both adopted from YCR.