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Yorkshire Cat Rescue Fiendish Felines

Celebrate Halloween with us by entering our Halloween competition and sharing some pictures of your frightening furrballs and cackling cats!

We all know that cats have been associated with superstition and Halloween for thousands of years, with black cats in particular being cast as 'familiars' - animals that assist witches while they perform spells!

Here at YCR we love all things spooky (especially cats) so we'd love to see your monster moggies and creepy cats strutting their Halloween stuff!

Do you have a beautiful black cat that was most definitely a witch in a previous life? Do you have a cat that likes to trick or treat, or just loves to pose with a pumpkin - we would LOVE to see them! In fact we'd love to see any of your pets getting into the scary spirit of Halloween, so don't leave out the dog!

What you need to do

  • Click on the Upload button, leave a message telling us about your pet and upload your picture
  • Make a minimum payment of £5. PLEASE DO NOT SELECT GIFT AID - we're unable to claim it for a competition.
  • We will choose our favourite photo and the winning pet will receive a prize!
  • Be sure to come back and check out all the Fiendish Furbaby photos on this page!

With your help we can continue to be there for the hundreds of abandoned and unwanted cats and kittens that still need our help. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Trick or treat? Lucy - bearing an uncanny resemblance to Toothless the dragon - in her Halloween batwings
Joshy is a longhaired Selkirk Rex who just LOVES dressing up. It is only done for very short periods of time for photo shoots but he purrs his head off the whole time and comes running if he sees one of his many costumes in my hands. (I'm SURE the treats he gets afterwards have nothing at all; to do with it lol). This Halloween shoot was not a costume one as such but he sat happily with the "chains" around him while i took photos
Dolly has always loved Halloween 🎃
Vince was adopted from YCR in 2017. He is a handsome miniature house panther all year long but is exceptional at halloween.
Storm who we adopted over 12 months ago from YCR. About to gaze into her crystal ball and tell you your horrible fate.
This is my fur baby Zak. He is 14 years old. He once had all black whiskers until he hit his seniors and they began turning white but he’s certainly aging gracefully. He is very affectionate & loves to be cuddled. He’s a big boy but an even bigger softie!
Rosiecat, tries to be scary but doesn’t quite pull it off.
Glistening in the dark, it laid in wait....
This is little Rosie! She is 12/13 years old and I’ve had here for nearly 11 years! She’s the cheekiest cat I know but also the most loving! She’s on medication for the rest of her life due to a condition with her thyroid but that doesn’t stop her being very active and and acting like a kitten!
Princess Peach, a purrrrfect Halloween kitty. She cast her spell on us when we adopted her 4 years ago. Such a happy, loving little cat, we adore her. 💖🎃🐈
Marx was more scaredy cat than scary cat when he came to live with us with his sister Engels. Now he's out trick or treating with the best of them.
Our paralyzed cat went trick or treating dressed as dad!!
Hemi ready for Halloween, She has her broomstick and mask, although we don't think she needs it as she already has a mask in her markings. Ted the Impaler is keeping an eye on her although he may have his paws full with this one as she's a bit feisty. We got Hemi from rescue about 18 months ago,
Petra, who is sadly no longer with us. Modelling her Halloween choker necklace, though not too sure that she is impressed with it!
Diesel, our lovable rogue, who is no longer with us. He was always up to mischief. Here he is being told to stay away from the computer by the "Spider"!
Black cats are always ready for Halloween! Cassie, adopted from Yorkshire Cat Rescue in 2017.
Minnie the Bat-Cat