Welcome to the Life at No.27 virtual garden design show!

It's time to design your dream garden! You can put pens and paint to paper or use a collection of natural materials to make a garden on a plate. We want to see your creativity and imagination run wild. There is no rules, other than we want to see your personality!

How to enter: All you have to do is click the enter here button above and upload a photo of your design with a minimum donation of £2.00. Get your entries in before 9am on Monday 15th June with the winner announced that morning.

You can enter as an individual, group or organisation, plus there is no limit on how many entries you submit.

What you'll win: The winner will receive an amazing bundle from Henchman worth £960!!

  • A pair of ARS secateurs – RRP £50
  • A wheelbarrow – RRP upto £295
  • A Tripod ladder – RRP upto £615

Judges will include Annabelle Padwick, the Founder of Life at No.27, Simon Griffiths, Garden Designer and Tom Kitching, MD at Henchman.

Your entries will enable Life at No.27 to support more children and adults struggling with low-confidence, self-esteem and mental ill health.

Thank you and get designing!

Please note: We may feature your photos on social media and in Life at No.27 marketing materials. If you would not like your entry to be shared, then just email

Hello! When I saw this opportunity to design my own dream garden I couldn't wait to put paint to paper! Gardening has provided me with a purpose over the last few months in lockdown and has made me think about what I want to do with my career. I have worked through depression and anxiety over the past 10 years and knew that being outside with nature always made me feel better, now that I have discovered gardening and growing plants from seed and propagation it has provided a sort of therapy. A time that is mine, where I can get lost in the garden and feel a real sense of achievement, confidence and happiness. I decided to design my ultimate dream garden, one that I could only ever imagine in magazines, on gardener's world or one fortunate to volunteer or work in. I wanted to incorporate elements that make me feel calm and uplifted, the presence of water, lawn to sink bare feet into, wildflowers to watch bugs climb through and of course the ultimate green house and tool shed to spend days working in. I also wanted to add scent and plants that I could use in different ways, herbs to add to salads and plants to use in teas and soaps. A space to have loved ones in of all ages, physical and mental difficulties in was especially important but also areas of seating in quiet corners and under trees to sit, take a moment and close my eyes. In a dream garden, I'd love to have the space to grow and harvest, fruit, vegetables, herbs, cut flowers and eggs for family, friends and neighbours, I've found that in these unprecedented times, supporting and connecting with others in the community is such an uplifting experience. I hope that you like my dream garden as much as me, a garden for all to enjoy, work and come together.
We are planning a few changes to the garden, so I've looked with Alice (aged 4) at what she wants. Nice to see she wants lots for wildlife as well as for her to play. She mentioned lots of wildlife features we have already: bug hotel, bat boxes, bird boxes, feeders, etc but also asked to add in a pond for the dragonflies (like granddads). We've planned in for a seasonal spread of flowers for pollinators. The garden is by the sea so we get strong winds so tough plants like the holly act as buffers and climbers all around the fence act as buffers as well as many benefitting wildlife. For entertainment Alice has her mud kitchen currently and would like the climbing frame adding. The raised bed is managed by both of us but the choice of food we grow is mainly down to Alice. She was also very definite that we need an apple tree. Practically I've planned in for water butts on every drain. The shed and compost area are shielded by a wall of evergreen shrubs. The patio is shaded so we have lots of evergreen foliage plots for all year interest outside the back door. A nice exercise talking it through together and planning out what we'd do if time and money were not a constraint.
All I had was my kids crayons and time between homeschool but this is my garden its for nature is waftling and structured and allows winter interest as well as spring and summer. can not believe I worked up the courage to present this 1. Elaeagnus ebbingei - lollipop as good for birds and each will have bird house on it 2. Standard ceanothus - good for bees 3. Standard Virbnum tinus - flowers winter good for early bees 4. Weeping Willow 5. Flowers lots and lots of flowers, mix of oranges with pinks and purples and whites in various shades. There is a pond near the trees along with bird tables and bird baths. There would be hundreds of spring bulbs from snowdrops to Tulips. Foxgloves Verbascum Hollyhocks Orange geums Orange cosmos Budleigh - smaller ones Penestem Astrantia Verbena bonariensis Alliums -ones from spring to summer Aquligias Playtime shrub rose Tottering by gently rose Hebes - for some evergreen and shape and bees Arches with climbers. 6. Pyracantha as a climber against the wall. Evergreen and good for bees and birds. 7. Mix of lavender, sage and rosemary 8. Pots of plants strawberries, lettuce, bay tree, and lots of summer bedding in big and little pots. Raised area next to BBQ with herbs 9. Veggie garden with raised beds, greenhouse, cold frame, potting area and seating area.