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Some more photos of Freddie's gardening efforts. He's been gardening ever since he could walk and we have found it's a great way of learning too.
During lockdown Freddie has been growing vegetables from seed. It is something he enjoys with his family and seeing how something so small can grow into something you can eat.
Some more pictures of the design and build of our bug hotel!
My son Louis and I had fun designing and building a bug hotel, everything used was upcycled and made for a great 'home schooling' project. Any prizes will therefore be donated to my sons primary school to promote more young green fingers! Before we even had the roof on a ladybird landed on the hotel and happily went inside!
There we go. Now with photo and a blog write up of the fun we had. Josh
We've enjoyed our growing for welfare activities so far. We made some pebble labels for the veg pots. Made out own paper pots and sold some marigolds (red ones, Alice's favourite). We sowed a bit more cut again lettuce for good measure. We've made our googly-eyed cress caterpillars. Alice enjoyed a good bit of dashing about in the garden for the scavenger hunt. But Alice's favourite activity was the lip scrub. While she did count six spoons of sugar she went for big spoonfuls so that might be why. But she did like the way it made her lips "tickle".