The Passage Gardening Competition

Get your garden Summer-Ready with The Passage's friendly gardening competition, judged by BBC Gardener’s World, Adam Frost. With categories for everyone from house plants and hanging baskets to big back gardens, we welcome everyone to showcase their green fingers. After a year of highs and lows, gardening, houseplants and flowers have been the little joys that have kept us going!

Deadline for entries is Friday 13th August.

Categories to enter: 1. Front Garden 2. Back Garden 3. Most sustainable garden (including fruit and veg) 4. Container/hanging basket/window box 5. Children's garden (under 16s) 6. Indoor garden including house plants 7. Community garden

Let's go green fingers!!

How to take part!

  • Click on the Donate & Upload button below, and upload a picture.
  • Tell us more about your garden and what it means to you at this time and the category you are entering.
  • Make a minimum donation of £5 - this would fund an emergency food voucher for a homeless person for one day, while they are being supported by The Passage
  • Adam Frost will choose the winners of our chosen categories!

Deadline for entries midday Friday 13th August.

This year we have seen an increasing number of people coming to The Passage who are experiencing homelessness for the first time due to job loss and the difficult economic climate. Our priority is to help them into safety, and support their move on to permanent accommodation and employment so that they can have the best possible chance at life this year. Your donation will help us to continue our services to support those who need us the most. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Best small front garden. I lost my brother to cancer last year & I did my garden to keep me positive & focused to get me through...
Please enter this in the house plant category. I found this sansevieria on the floor near a big diy store. After putting it in a trimmed down plastic water bottle for some weeks it has rooted and is thriving. Watching it come back has been well entertaining and it will hopefully only get bigger and better.
I would like to enter the category 4 - creative use of pots. The tea cup is cracked and the saucer has vanished so has been repurposed as it is too pretty to throw away. Looks so cheerful on my kitchen window sill.
Hello all, I am entering the back garden category. We have been here 11 years and changed everything in the garden except the back hedge, magnolia tree and maple tree. Every year we add something else - this year we added the wildflower curve in the lawn which has been great to see attracting new wildlife. The steps down and the curves mean standing on the lawn gives a feeling of being totally immersed amongst the plants. It has been a perfect combination of a family garden and horticultural challenge and makes me very happy!
Category 4 / Containers & window boxes - I’m a novice gardener but the daughter of a brilliant gardener (although she’s miles away in NZ). Like many others during the pandemic I found myself doing more and gardening. This is a container I planted for my boyfriend’s balcony. He wanted to hire professionals and I managed to convince him to let me go for it. It’s an unconventional mix of rose, daisies, and strawberries all of which are thriving.
Rented house garden/backgarden. I've always loved gardening and since been diagnosed with anxiety and depression from a younge age I've found gardening a sure way to help tackle the illness. The garden when we moved in was just a simple border to the right and a lawn with a standard 2x2 slabed patio area. I've since transformed with a pond, graveled patio area with BBQ and a shapped lawn with sleeper looked stepping stones. A smaller sheltered decked area next to the pond and a summerhouse at the back for a different area of the garden when the sun goes down.
Back Garden - My garden is my tranquil escape room from all the stresses of everyday life. Being unable to holiday abroad it has also become my staycation paradise. I love to sit quietly with a cup of coffee and if I am still enough, I will be rewarded with a visit from Mr or Mrs Blackbird, Dragon flies, Bumble bees or a cheeky robin. I love to watch their antics ,even if they do throw mulch all over the lawn. I don't use slug pellets , as you can see my hostas get a little nibbled, but i would rather that than cause any harm to hedgehogs or birds. We have just purchased a Hedgehog house which we are hoping will receive its first tenant this winter. My garden has provided me with exercise and sanity throughout lockdown.
Community gardens This is part of Ickenham Postbox Toppers summer project, made by various members of the community. We have only been together as a group since March
Pot plant. This is my sundew plant that eats insects. Usually it is indoors but it is out for an airing today. It has started to flower. We call it Seymour
We are entering category 7 - Community Gardens. The KSP Community Garden was started in the grip of the COVID pandemic and is a community initiative between local residents to transform a once neglected back street into a beautiful container garden which everyone can enjoy. All our gardeners are amateurs and we are learning as we go. The garden has expanded way beyond our expectations thanks to the hard work of local residents and the generosity of local businesses and private donors. All our pots are secondhand as are some of our plants. We only use peat free compost.
I am entering category 4 for window boxes because I am very proud of my kitchen window box display planted with bay, geraniums, nasturtiums (which I grew from seed) and ivy. My kitchen window is 5 storeys above the ground and looks onto a building site and the backs of buildings. Last year I decided to have pot guards installed so I could safely grow pots on my kitchen window ledge. Given the window ledge is so high and exposed I was not sure if plants would thrive there. However, it gets good sun and the plants have done very well, significantly improving the outlook from my kitchen window. I even get bees coming to visit.
MMP Tax Ltd team created a Micro Garden in our office. This included plants of: sweet pepper, cress, mixed salad, tomatoes, basil , carrots and spinach. MMP Tax Ltd would like to enter the Indoor Garden category. Our employees donated a total of £150 in individual donations. Therefore we would like to match this total amount and make a donation of £150. So a total of £300 has been donated to the Passage Gardening Competition for MMP Tax Ltd and our team! We are proud of our team and happy to support this important cause.
Front garden. This is my first house and had to sort it out the front garden when I moved in.
3. Most sustainable garden - Attempting to grow Peas and Strawberries
Category: Front Garden
My community garden is a great way to establish contact with neighbours. Only people living in the estate have access to the community garden. We all grow various herbs and vegetables which we share with each other and we all help each other by giving advice, sharing equipment and watering each others plants (Which is helpful when someone is busy or away on holiday!!). This is an image of an Aloe Vera plant which my neighbour grows and kindly shares with me so I am able to use fresh Aloe Vera as part of my skincare routine.
Indoor garden - on behalf of my best friend Genevieve.
Category 4 window box Our work is supporting the Passage
Front garden category. 'The Passage' is our company chosen charity of the year and we wanted to start the fundraiser by entering this fun competition. I'm not really entering to win anything, this is just for fun. The front garden is simple and laid out to make the path leading to the front door welcoming to visitors when they are allowed to come.
I would like to enter the Most Sustainable garden category - growing my own fruit and veg. Every year I am lucky enough to enjoy home grown tomatoes, marrows, green beans, beetroot, radish and radish leaves, butternut squash, aubergines, cucumbers, spring onions, chillies and scotch bonnets! In the photo you can see tomato, aubergine and spring onions. I make my own compost from household food waste such potato, onion peels, egg shells and tea bags to name a few. I would like to donate to the Passage as it is a great local cause and part of a fundraising activity I am taking part in with my colleagues at MMP Tax.
Back Garden Our back garden is very small and consists of a patio and a grass area. Having two dogs is a bad mix for growing anything so our garden doesn't have anything in the way of real flowers. Our flowerpot man. broken as he is, means a lot to us as it was a much loved gift to a family member who has since passed away and we have reclaimed it as a memory; we can look out onto our patio and always have a splash of colour whatever the season.
This is my most sustainable garden entry. Don't have a garden so we've attempted to keep an allotment plot under control. All of the equipment seen in the photo (in front of the glass house) has been repurposed. Not visible but strawberries are growing well under the glass door, as well as green beans, blue berries, red currants and spring onions.
6. Indoor Garden
Back Garden category