Project Gambia Photo Wall

Welcome to Project Gambia's Photo Wall on GivePenny!

Help us create a photo wall dedicated to the work of Project Gambia over the years.

Since 2007, we've established a wide range of projects in schools, villages, and farms to provide education, support, and funding to enable people to find a sustainable solution to poverty.

In return for a donation to Project Gambia, you can add your photo to the wall - a place where you can share in the memories of past trips to The Gambia and help us to continue the work we do for Gambian communities.

Bev, Your dedication & hard work is inspiring :-)
How do I choose a fav pic as I have 100s of them. This I think has to be one of the top ones...running water at Sintet following the Well of Life Appeal.
The trip to The Gambia changed my life. Thank you, Project Gambia! Much love, Lee