Please Support QAC

Please Support QAC

Queen Alexandra College (QAC) is a national charity for people with disabilities aged 16-25 years old. All students have at least one disability, although many have more than one disability to overcome; these include sensory impairments, physical disabilities and learning disabilities and vary in extent and impact.

We offer challenging learning opportunities and diverse routes to education, independence and employment through highly individualised programmes, unlocking potential spanning all aspects of a person’s life. Alongside formal programmes we offer students a range of pastoral support services including Mentoring, Speech & Language and Rehab & Travel Training. They also have access to various enrichment and leisure activities, creating a fully rounded provision. Student programme fees are covered by their Local Authorities, but this does not cover major projects or specialist equipment and resources. We rely on generosity of our friends and supporters to help provide such resources and make things happen and your support will make a big difference to our students, whatever the value of your donation.

£10 could buy a book or resources for students to use in the library

£25 could buy arts and craft materials for students to use across their classroom sessions and themed activities

£50 could buy some much needed sensory toys and kit

£100 could support transport costs for student trips and offisite learning opportunities

£250 could buy some assistive technology for students

£500 could pay for an interactive workshop for students to attend

£1000 could help make sure student technology is up to date and meets course needs

Match funding for our colleague Deborah Billingham for Stirchley store who raised funds doing a school fete and dog show
Thank you for your great work.