VE Day 75 Art Competition with SSAFA, the Armed Forces charity and Fujitsu

VE Day 75 Art Competition with SSAFA, the Armed Forces charity and Fujitsu

The VE Day 75 Art Competition is now closed

You are welcome to upload your art masterpieces however they will not be judged as part of the competition

Thank you to everyone that submitted a piece! The winner will be announced at midday on VE Day, Friday 8 May.

Please be aware of the following Terms & Conditions: The judge's decision is final. Cash alternatives for prizes are not available. Due to the COVID-19 restrictions, winners will not receive their prize until later this year when staff return to SSAFA Central Office.

Izzie, age 24.
Jono Hayes, 14
Liam Kelly 9
Alexa Jane Higgs - Age 8 and 6 days
Sophie Wright Age 12
Alexa Jane Higgs 8
Noah Blackstock Age 5
The Children at Leckhampton Primary School ages 5-6
Frederick Dauncey - Deceased Not for entry into the competition, but please find a photo of a comic strip my Grandfather drew whilst serving in Egypt for the Royal Engineers. He was a cartographer, but said that he always preferred working on the comics, which apparently cheered everyone up. I have a few more, which I'm happy to share.
Lemoni Allan-McLaughlin Aged 10 from Scotland
Evangeline - aged 8
Clara Bleda 32 years old
85-100 Sherwood Grange Care Home (CareUK)
Lily Rout Age 13
Aimee Boulton Age 13
Maisie Clemence age 11
Emily Jones age 12 years.
Sam Marshall age 11
Amelie Clarke Age 6
Tina Gillett 56
Adam Thomas, 28
Rona Jamieson age 55
Laila Galpin 11
Amelie Emberson 13years old
Finley Whysall aged 7. His little brother Lawson added his on here aswell aged 3.
Wendy King 45
Susan Williams Age 37
Abi, Age 8