Flights for Flights

for Great Western Air Ambulance Charity

Take on our 30-day virtual #FlightsforFlights challenge

Stay Home, Stay Active, Step Up

Our 30-day challenge is an opportunity to help keep you active and healthy at home, all while supporting a cause close to your heart.

Choose from one of three stair climbing challenges to take on over the next 30 days.  

  • High Flyer – Climb 2,001 flights of stairs
    That's 66 flights a day over 30 days, why not split it into 3 sessions of 22 flights?

  • Mission Maker – Climb 1,396 flights of stairs
    That's 46 flights a day, so you could split it into 2 sessions of 23!

  • Heli Hero – Climb 605 flights of stairs (great for kids!)
    Just 20 flights a day!

Wondering why we've chosen these numbers? Check out the 'About Us' section below to see how they relate to our call-outs.

Don’t have stairs? Find something you can use as a step-up and for every 12 step-ups mark it as a flight.

Challenge accepted!

Why not make it competitive and encourage your friends, family or colleagues to get involved? Set up your own leader board to track who’s setting the pace - and to crown a winner!

Why should I join?

While most of us are staying at home, our crew are standing ready to help those in need. They continue to provide crucial support to the NHS system during this difficult time and are carrying out life-saving missions across the region every single day. 

As a charity, we receive no day-to-day funding from the government and need to raise over £4 million a year to remain operational. We can’t do that without your support.

You could make your steps go further and set your own fundraising target upon signing up, encouraging your friends and family to support your stay at home challenge. 

Remember to keep track of your flight-climbing total and update your event tracking page – not only will this help keep you motivated each day seeing your progress but it will inspire others to get involved too!

Please get in touch with any questions by emailing

Good luck with your challenge!




We provide the critical care and air ambulance services to 2.1 million people across Bristol, Bath and North East Somerset, North Somerset, Gloucestershire and South Gloucestershire. Our Critical Care Team attend to the most seriously ill or injured, providing life-saving interventions at the scene of medical emergencies or incidents across the region. 2019 was our busiest year to date, we attended to 2,001 missions (1,396 by critical care car and 605 by helicoper) - hence the challenge figures! That's over 5 incidents every single day on average. 

We are a charity, and rely solely on support from the communities we serve to raise over £4 million a year needed to remain operational. To find out more about us, visit

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