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Each year the team at our rehoming centre along with our incredible volunteers, host the Bromsgrove Fete to raise much needed funds to help us continue to make a difference to pets in need. The event is the largest fundraiser hosted during the year and typically brings in an average of £10,000 for the charity. 

Unfortunately, this year we have been unable to safely run the event and were forced to make the very difficult decision to cancel it meaning we will be left with no way of raising the funds.

The team at the Bromsgrove Standard have very kindly planned their pet show. If you would usually have attended the fete and entered our dog show then please consider making a small donation on this page to help us raise what we can to give pets a chance at living healthy lives in happy homes.

Donating £5 could pay for a kitten to be microchipped so if it ever gets lost, it can be reunited with it's family. 

£7 could pay for the flea and worm treatment a dog recieves in our kennels.

£11 is enough to provide fresh bedding for a rabbit whilst it waits to be rehomed.

£27 would pay for a vet check for an ill or injured dog.

£48  would cover the cost of eight feeding bottles so we can hand rear kittens that have no mum to look after them.

£85 could provide warmth and shelter for an abandoned pet.

Thanks for visitng the page, no matter what donation you can give it will be greatly appreciated and will help us to be there to change the lives of pets in need. 

Thank you, we look forward to seeing you all in person at our fete next year. 


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