Phoenix Heroes offers PTSD clinical support via our professional organisations that we collaborate with. In between any treatment provided we continue the support by offering other life support services. Employment opportunities, family group outdoor activities and carp fishing breaks are some of the services that we deliver. We look at the whole picture with our main focus being to help get peoples lives back on track and give them the chance of belonging to a veteran community again.

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Phoenix Heroes CIC

Phoenix Heroes is a non-profit Community Interest Company (CIC).  We are based in Colchester Garrison Town, home of 16 Air Assault Brigade and we support our veterans and their families who are dealing with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).  We do this by acting as a structured platform to place them on different outdoor group activities, courses and help them gain employment by sharing our international network of veteran friendly companies. We are focused on helping families too, we believe that this is a very important factor of our support structure.  Our team is made up of veterans, family and friends and we are very proud to have Billy Billingham from SAS Who Dares Wins as our Ambassador.  Our CEO Gary Stockton is a veteran and also the Ambassador of the British Dusabled Angling Association (BDAA) Heroes Programme and plays a vital role in our Veteran Carp Angling Team.  Since forming in July 2018 we have helped over 100 veterans and their families and with your support we would like to help many more.

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Phoenix Heroes

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