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Children of Syria

In December 2020 I travelled to North East Syria (Rojava) as an Ambassador of Frontline Children, a UK registered charity, who focus on helping children access education in some of the most remote and challenging areas of the planet and often in conflict and war zones.

During my time in Rojava I visited several refugee camps and travelled to Raqqa, the former de facto capital of the Islamic State.

It is hard to explain how tough life is in these camps and especially in towns like Raqqa which have been decimated by years of war. The civilian population and the children have suffered immensely.

In Raqqa I found many young children wandering the streets, often without shoes or warm clothes, even though it was winter. I witnessed kids rummaging through street bins looking for food or things to salvage and sell. The city remains in ruins after years of war and the situation is terrible for those who remain.

I hope by sharing my photographs and experience I can increase awareness and together with your support we can raise some money to help the children. I am realistic of course, in that we can only do so much, given the scale of the problems in this area. But if we can do something for one school in one camp, I think it is worth it.

Our focus to start will be the children of Raqqa and those in refugee camps in the surrounding areas.

We are already in contact with local partners on the ground to ensure that any funds we raise can be put to the best possible use. Immediate needs may include providing shelter, warm clothing and shoes to the street children in Raqqa; supplying books and other equipment to the schools in the IDP camps. If we raise more, we can look to help fund a children’s play-area in the IDP camps to give the kids a safe space to play and have fun.

Your support is much appreciated and will make a difference. THANK YOU! 



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