33 For ABI in July


It's estimated that nearly 1 in 3 people will have an Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) at some point in their life. You will know someone with a brain injury at some point, and they will not receive the care they need.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) identifies rehabilitation as a substantial and ever-increasing unmet global need - but it's not an integrated part of health services. Neurorehabilitation is among the most neglected and underfunded.

We're asking you to commit to completing 33 minutes of activity every day, or committing to complete 33 your way, throughout July.
This could be 33 steps, for someone early in recovery, 33 cakes to bake, or even 33 conversations about the effects of ABIs (Acquired Brain Injury) and fundraise for SameYou on the 33 for ABI in July challenge to support the 33% of people who are affected by brain injury in their lifetime.

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