A million Steps in May

for Support After Murder and Manslaughter

A Million Steps in May.

Can you take on the ultimate challenge?

Knowing just how challenging that can be, there are a few other options you can take on too, so choose your challenge!

5,000 Steps a day - equates to 155,000 steps in May

10,000 Steps a day - equates to 310,000 steps in May

20,000 Steps a day - equates to 620,000 steps in May

The Ultimate Challenge:

1,000,000 Steps in May - equates to 32,259 steps every single day in May

(That's 15 miles each and every day, without respite!)

This challenging fundraiser is in aid of SAMM National. A charity that provides peer support to families and friends who have lost loved ones through Murder and Manslaughter.

Thank you to all of our fundraisers

Good Luck!


Don't forget to check the leaderboard below throughout May to see where you place! laughing
(Not available until 1st May 2021)

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