Choose Your Own Challenge

for Scotty's Little Soldiers

Choose your own challenge this July, to support our bereaved British Forces children

We are handing it over to you to chose your own challenge to complete over the month of July. Whilst we have placed a few ideas on the table, you are more than welcome to add a personal challenge of your own. So what will it be?

Music Maestro - Live stream your DJ set, play solo or get the band together, maybe even show us your singing skills. Whatever you decide to do you can ask people to donate by adding your link

Game On - Connect your Twitch, Mixer, Facebook or YouTube account and start live streaming your gaming

Skill Sharing - Got a skill? Why not share it with friends, family or even the wider public if you are comfortable enough! Connect your suitable platforms, let everyone know what you are doing and when, then live stream and ask for a small donation to your page. You could give a tutorial on specific area, hold a Q&A or even showcase your skill whilst giving various tips.

Lifting - Did you know an average weight of an African Bush elephant is 6,000kg. Ever tried to lift one? No? Well if you pick your target weight, average this over a number of reps throughout course of the month and voila! You have 'lifted' the weight of an elephant! Get family, friends, colleagues and team mates involved as a bit of fun. (We used an elephant as an example but you can chose any animal, form of transportation, building or landmark that you like)

Squat, Sit or Press? - Pick a number that you wanna achieve. Choose between squats, sit ups, press ups, a mixture of all three or another physical challenge of your choice. Let everyone know your aim and how you plan to achive it. Set milestones and ask people to donate or pledge to your link

Walk, Jog or Run - Choose a distance to complete across the course of the month, set yourself timed target i.e. walking an hour a day, jogging three times a week, or try to smash your previous personal best. Whichever you decide to do, you can update the details and ask people to pledge or donate and then keep them updated on your progress.

Declutter and Donate - Decide which items in your house you no longer need, pop them onto your social media account and then ask friends and family to make a donation towards the charity, via your GivePenny page, for their chosen item/s.

Let's Get Quizzical - Put together a quiz and ask friends, family or even work colleagues to join in via your chosen method (Zoom, Facebook Messenger, Teams, etc) whilst making a small donation to your GivePenny page. 

Cost of a Coffee - Help raise funds by donating the cost of your normal caffeine tipple. You can chose to do this for a daily brew or even once a week. Plus it doesn't have to be the amount you would normally spend on coffee; it could be the office cakes, your canteen tuck shop spends or even the cost of a take away lunch/meal deal. Again this is something that you can get friends, family and work colleagues involved in too.

The choice really is yours! All we ask is that you stay within the government guidelines.

Here's how it works

  • Click 'join' and you will be given the option to pick one of our suggested challenges above or to create your own
  • Your fundraising page will be created. You'll just need to update the description a little with your challenge details (hints and tips are given)
  • Link your fitness app, Twitch account, social media platform, YouTube account or whichever is needed
  • Tell your friends and family about your challenge and ask them to sponsor you or even join you in your mission
  • Share your progress with your supporters and keep them updated

If you raise £50 you will receive a free Scotty's morale patch

Raise £100 and get a free running vest, cycling shirt or t-shirt

Struggling to fundraise?

You can still get involved, even if you don't feel in a position to ask for donations. In the past, some people have popped a small donation on to their own fundraising page just as a contribution.

If you're still keen to fundraise but struggling to get sponsorship, why not take a look at our digital fundraising pack which is full of useful tips and information.

Got a question? Then please feel free to get in touch with us at

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