GAMERS FOR ORCAS for Whale and Dolphin Conservation

We are very excited to present our very first gaming event, the Gamers for Orcas Challenge running on Friday 9 June @ 4pm for 24 hours

What is it all about?

Anybody can take part in Gamers for Orcas by doing their own marathon to fundraise; there are loads of amazing prizes to be won, kindly provided by Gamers for Orcas many fantastic partners. On 9 June we will be ready to do the WDC 24-hour live-streamed marathon with a string of exciting guests, who will each take up a feature slot, playing games and giving away game codes, downloadable content and shout outs in return for donations! Both will raise important funds to support WDC’s orca work

I'm in, what do I do next?

  • Click 'join this event' above to set up your GivePenny page - it's easy and we will be in touch with more info and ideas.
  • If you have a Twitch channel you can add it straight to your GivePenny page.
  • There is a suggested target on the page but we have no minimum fundraising! 
  • Everyone who is fundraising will receive a fab Gamers for Orcas t-shirt, and when you sign up we'll keep you posted with updates - also on prizes for fundraisers!

Gamers for Orcas is for anyone who love to play games – you do not need to be able to broadcast it or even do it online. Set up your own gaming marathon or invite a group of friends to share the experience. You can play whatever game(s) you like over the 24 hours. You can choose another day or do a mini-marathon if the official Gamers for Orcas weekend is not an option, so do sign up either way.

Why Gamers for Orcas?

The money raised will help support the important work we do to protect orcas worldwide. Some orcas sadly still live in captivity, in small concrete tanks; a life far removed from a life of freedom where orcas usually swim as much as 100 miles in a day. Help us to empty the tanks and also reduce the many man-made threats orcas face in the wild, such as being caught in oil spills, going hungry due to over-fishing of salmon, loss of their habitats and noise pollution.

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