Miles of Hope

for St Helena Hospice

Sign up for Miles of Hope to help Naomi virtually reach her dream honeymoon destination of Mexico.

Naomi Roberts has incurable bowel cancer which has spread to her liver, lymph glands and left lung.

After postponing their wedding in April 2020, shortly after Naomi’s original diagnosis, and due to covid restrictions, Naomi and her partner of 10 years, Georgina, got married in February 2021.

The newlyweds had hoped to travel to Ciudad del Carmen in Mexico for their honeymoon. While they are no longer able to do so, we want to help get them there in spirit, so we are asking our supporters to sign up for a new virtual event, Miles of Hope.

Our goal is to collectively cover 5,321 miles, the distance between St Helena Hospice and Ciudad del Carmen, Mexico, by walking, running or cycling over the month of April. It is free to sign up and we are asking all participants to raise a minimum of £50 in sponsorship. Raising £50 in sponsorship could support someone like Naomi facing a crisis needs in the depth of night with a visit from a SinglePoint nurse in their home.

Recently Naomi stayed at The Hospice for a second time to help manage her pain. She is also being supported at home by nurse Debbie, and the SinglePoint team, and is receiving counselling from Lynda, and Lead Chaplain Vickie.

When speaking about The Hospice, Naomi explained;

“What made it different is the people were in tune with how you might be feeling, so they'll go out of their way to spend time to try and reassure you, to sit and have a bit of a laugh with you. I just liked the fact that they liked to have a joke and a laugh, and that it was a less formal environment. It wasn't clinical, it was a nice environment. I've never been, but we were going to go to Mexico for our honeymoon. Unfortunately, that's not going to happen now, but before I was diagnosed, that's where we were going to go. We were looking forward to just enjoying their food, the surrounding area, the beaches, the sunshine, the massages. We were going to go and just totally relax, so it wasn't really an exploring holiday, it's more of enjoying the weather and the beaches.

“If the lovely people could support St Helena Hospice by getting us all virtually to Mexico, my dream destination, with their walking, running and cycling, that would be amazing!”

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